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Thread: Hair changes--Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by lraehtz View Post
    Oh let me tell you. I never new that breastfeeding had anything to do with hair changing. I went and got my hair dye and it turned 4 different colors and there is nothing they can do. Im so mad. I look stupid and dont want to go out in public. So for anyone thinking of dyen your hair while breastfeeding beware of problems..

    thats why im rockin madonna roots...my so easy to do hair prefers to be clown orange or bright white in a most uneven and unappealing way...i gave up..

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    are u doing professional or home job? that will make a diff when lightening

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    It's round on the ends and high in the middle

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetTabia View Post
    Its nice to know puberty has no age limit....

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