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Thread: Help, I'm drying up.

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    Thank you! i really appreciate your help. my supply seems to be getting better. i'm pumping one ounce more than last week. so hopefully it keeps getting better. i was pretty scared though, when i wasn't pumping as much because i'm gone for almost a week and not just for a normal 8 hour work day. thanks again. you have given me a little more confidence.

    i just have one more question.. could my having my period affect my supply? i just started getting it again. last week was the second time i've had it since before i was pregnant.

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    Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I am glad to hear things are going a little better. You must be somewhat relieved.

    Yes, some women do experience a slight decrease in milk supply at the onset of their period. After a few days of increased nursing (or pumping) their milk supply increases again.

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