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    Question new job

    I'm a bit unsure of how to handle this situation. I am still breatfeeding my 4 mnth old baby and plan to return to work nxt month. I am unable to retunr to my old job due to moving to a new area. I will be starting a totally new job with managers i dont know who dont know me. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to bridge the subject of expressing milk while i'm at work? I'm unsure of what the rules are about breastfeeding mums at work in the UK and am a bit nervour.

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    So, you already have the new job lined up, and you know who they are? Do you already know your schedule?

    If the company you'll be working for has a Human Resources department, start with them. Make sure they know that you'll be flexible with them, take as little time as possible to do this during the workday, and that it's very important to you and your family.

    If you're respectful of them, they should be respectful of you.
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