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Thread: Pumping Questions

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    Hey All! I am pretty new to the forum, but am so enjoying the support! Thanks!

    Well, my DS is 4 weeks and the last 2 days he has been pretty much nursing constantly, sometimes every hour (unusual for him, he is normally a every 2 1/2 to 3 hour boy). Tonight we were going out and I decided to pump and feed him his first bottle. I nursed him at 4:30 pm and then pumped at 6pm. (I know not an ideal time to pump) I pumped for about 15 minutes and got only 3 ounces. With my DS I got way more all the time. Could this be just the time, or should I be concerned? I am worried that he is nursing nonstop because maybe he is not getting enough. (I think this is a new development bc he normally nurses 7-10 minutes only on one side and is usually done. He also has reflux and feedings are occasionally stressful and more extended than that, but when he is good and relaxed, he eats quickly.

    By the way, after he drank a some from the bottle, I nursed him back home and he ate for about 10 minutes, and he was so cute! He was like, "ahhh there it is, I am so glad it's not gone forever!" I was so glad to have him back too! With my DD I pumped exclusively after only a few weeks due to latch problems, so having my DS doing well has been such a relief, and I am loving it!

    I really want to be sure he is getting enough . . . oh and btw he is having plenty of wet and dirty diapers.

    Thanks All!

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    3 oz. is actually a decent pump output, especially for a mom who is nursing full time. When I go to work, and haven't nursed in hours, I can't get that much. If he's having plenty of wet/dirty diapers and is gaining, you can be sure that he's getting enough to eat.

    Sounds like things are really okay.

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    Two words for you... growth Spurt

    That is usually the cause of a baby nursing non stop... of course my DS has been nursing non stop for his 6 weeks of life.

    For you to get 3 oz is great! I just pumped and got two - which is really good considering DS just ate about 90 minutes ago. Mornings I can usually eke out 3 - 5 oz but I have to get up waaaay too early

    Sounds like your supply is just fine =) a freezer stock is awfully convienent when you want a little time out and about and dont have time or are too uncomfortable to nurse in public.

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    I agree with pp. GROWTH SPURT!! give him a couple of days to a week it will pass (and then there will be another one!) As long as he seems content and the dirties and wets are good, just keep on nurseing.
    As far as the fact that he was so excited to see you (even after eating is sooooo adorable) I had that happened just the other day!! It feels so good to be needed doesn't it?!?!

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