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Thread: Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

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    Thumbs up Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

    I'm beginning to feel like this problem will never end and need to hear some success stories for encouragement. Especially tell me how many hours you blockfed and how long it took to improve! How did you know it was finally getting better? I am so sick of the painful burps and using 2-3 burpcloths at each feeding

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    My boys and I are an official success story!

    I realized I had OS/OALD when my oldest son was a few weeks old. I had been super engorged, but figured up to that point that supply was going to go down...but it didn't, and my LO ended up with some pretty explosive green watery poops that even scared the daycare lady when he was a couple of months old.

    I started block feeding, and what I did, was to feed twice from each breast basically. I would feed lo like at 12 pm and 2 pm from the left breast, and feed LO at 4pm and 6pm from the right breast and so on. Eventually, I got to the point where my breasts shrunk enough that I could tell LO was actually emptying the breast in just one sitting...or very close to emptying the breast, and at that point, I stopped the block feeding. ETA: there may have been a few times that I knew my breast was SO full that I fed 3 times on one breast as well
    However, I realized after finding LLL online and reading other online sources that I was exasperating my problem by pumping, as I had been pumping both breasts (like I was told to do in all the books) twice a day at work. I was able to breastfeed directly on my lunch hour, so thankfully I wasn't pumping 3 times a day. My LO however only ever ate from one breast, so I was pumping way more than he needed, and I would always have to stop my break and quit pumping well before I had actually emptied the breast...so the BM that I pumped many times was like almost 3 or 4 oz. of just foremilk on one side , and had barely even gotten any hind milk yet on one breast, and like 3 oz with slightly more hindmilk on the other breast...hence the green explosive watery poos...he was getting tons of foremilk, and almost no hindmilk in his bottles from one of my breasts and not enough from the other and I didn't know it. The pumping really was increasing my supply above and beyond even what I could pump out, and just made it all worse.

    However, when I had a bad daycare problem and DH and I made the decision that I needed to stay at home with our son, I stopped pumping and fed only from the breast, and it all cleared up within ONE WEEK. MY body adjusted to his intake exactly with the block feeding and such, and all was well and he got YELLOW POOS and I was SO excited.

    So there is hope, and I'm sure that even if you're pumping, that things can be worked out...I figured that if I were to keep pumping, I'd have had to arrange for longer breaks so I could pump the whole breast, but just one breast if that was all he normally took at a feeding.

    I did have some OS/OALD issues with DS#2 as well, but it was very easy to control right away with block feeding, and once I got past the first month or 2, I had no more spraying and soaking baby. DS#2 also handled the fast flow much better, and while he didn't comfort nurse in the beginning, my supply decreased enough after only ever breastfeeding directly with him, that he actually learned to comfort nurse, and he still does to this day at 14 mos. My oldest son nursed until age 2 and self weaned, and DS#2 and I are still nursing.
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    I don't know your background - haven't been around for a while. But here's our story.

    I breastfeed twins, now 14 months. At around 4 to 6 weeks (I don't really remember anymoe) Lenora was getting pretty colicky, Iliana had green poops, and no one had any idea why or really seemed to think it was a problem. I cut the sugar in my diet (to cut lactose in my milk), and that helped within 12 hours. Then the OALD started a couple weeks later. I emailed a LLL Leader because Iliana was refusing to nurse. I was told I probably didn't have OS, just OALD - I think the Leader assumed while nursing twins I couldn't have too much supply?

    LOL, she was wrong. After months of single-nursing in weird positions to keep gravity from helping letdown (did you know tandem-nursing makes letdown stronger?) and even trying a nipple shield, I finally decided I didn't care if I lost my milk supply. I was going to try block nursing. I block-nursed two babies on one side for six hours, then switched and nursed the other side for six hours (I'm lucky engorgement almost never bothers me), and nursed each on her own side at night. I was better within a couple days, and went back to tandem-nursing.

    Incidentally - I don't think block-nursing for six hours is normally a good idea. Most sites say to start with one or two hours, and then increase slowly until you see results. I was just SOOOO desperate!

    The OS came back a couple more times, but I just block-nursed whenever my letdown got too strong or I started feeling like I was getting mastitis.

    Good luck, the OS was very tough for us but life got much better once it was fixed!

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    Default Re: Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

    I am constantly battling this problem. DS is 14 weeks. One session of pumping either too long (like if I space out while doing it and pump 4 1/2 oz. from 1 breast) or too many times in the day (I've tried to add an extra session to have more reserves) and I'm engorged 3 hours later with OALD. I have done the block feeding and pumping which seems to help. But if I'm block pumping, I have to wait like 4 hours between boobs because otherwise I get major OS/OALD. And you don't want to pump for less time because then you only get the foremilk.
    On the weekends when I'm home 24 hrs, the problem corrects itself.

    I can only offer . Keep block pumping and feeding!
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    Default Re: Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

    So far so good.

    DD is 11 weeks and I have had OS/OALD issues since ~3weeks. I didn't realize what I was dealing with right away. At 3 weeks I eliminated dairy because I thought that was causing her problems. Then after finding these forums I suspected OS/OALD. I started block feeding when she was 7 weeks. For the last 4 days I have been waking up next to a happy baby, without exploding painfully engorged leaking breasts! It feels like a success to me! I started blockfeeding in 4-6 hour blocks for 2 weeks. The last 2 weeks I have been using 2-3 hour blocks because I was less engorged. Now I am just switching sides at every feed because my breasts have finally got the picture. I still have a very OALD that sprays everywhere. I try to pull DD off and let her chew my finger until the spray subsides - which can be a few minutes! When it is really bad I nurse her uphill by placing her above my breast and diagonal across me - so she has to suck the milk up instead of gravity pulling it down onto her. Having her on her side on the nursing pillow was not a good position for us.

    This weekend I decided that since my supply was (for now) under control I would have some pizza and try reintroducing dairy. TOTAL FAILURE. She is spitting up, gassy, and very unhappy. So it seems that DD had an allergy issue in addition to my OS/OALD. Could your remaining fussiness be due to an allergy and not just OALD? I am hoping that the little bit of cows milk I had will be able to work out of both of our systems quickly. It has been 2 days of lots of spit up and fussynes when eating. So frustrating because I had it working right - I just LOVE CHEESE but the 2 pieces of pizza I ate were not worth this.

    I look at OS/OALD as a chronic condition. If my body has a hard time adjusting to the subtleties of her nursing needs then I am likely going to have to deal with OS/OALD in the future. When I have to go back to school full-time in October I expect that pumping will confuse everything again for a while.

    All we can do is the best we can! Don't get discouraged! You are doing a great thing for your LO!

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    Default Re: Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

    block fed and switched every other time, oald was bad until Will learned how to slow it down by "clicking", easier now that he is older.

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    Default Re: Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

    We were OK BF until the first two growth spurts were over. During that time I thought my baby was going to be colicky like her brother but than I did some research on LLL and discovered OS and OALD. The symptoms fit us to a "T"! Looking back on it, my son probably was taken off the breast too early (advice from the ped.) because of this. The difference between the two being that my daughter seems to enjoy the OALD and my son was difficult to nurse, plus he had horrid reflux even while BF. Emma Lynn had the gassiness, the constant need to feed but never seeming to be full, the green poops, all of it. I block fed for 8 hours-building up from 2 initially. It took a few days to see some improvement, the green poops stopped almost immediately. It took a little over a week for her to have that happy, drunk look they have after a good nursing session. Now that she's sleeping all night, I have to block feed for 4 hours because she's eating every two and I don't want to have the OS come back. I also pump until empty in the morning-I need to have some stock in the freezer for the church nursery. I think some OS issues were cropping up this week. I can tell because she gets really stinky gas when she starts getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. She's had gas problems since birth but only stinky while dealing with the OS and OALD. But now I know what to do and that makes it so much easier! Thanks LLL!

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