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Thread: Question For Working Moms

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    I cannot believe the local LLL doesn't have their meetings in the evenings...

    That being said, if I were your client, and you needed that much time off, I'd be forced to go else where. I get the suggestion of finding another person, but for me, personally...that wouldn't be an option. Let me explain why; I hired YOU to take care of my children because we have a bond or I feel I can trust you with the most important thing in the world to me. While I may trust your judgment when it comes to my child in my absence, I don't know you outside of our business relationship. So I wouldn't be too accepting of a stand-in either. Partially my issues with this are due to an expierience that I had with this situation when my daughter was brand new.

    To your credit, I couldn't do home daycare for a living. I personally know people who leave their kids at their DCP until closing or a phone call just because they want their independence. Sickens me...

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    I called and spoke to a leader of an LLL group in my area (they only have morning meetings on the weekdays) two weeks ago I haven't heard back, unfortunately. I was supposed to receive some info in the mail regarding the meeting times and what not.

    I got tired of waiting so I researched further and did find a group in Jersey City, NJ that holds meetings at 7pm every 2nd Tuesday in a local hospital so I'll have to drive out there and it's not close to where I work or live. I hope they will be OK with my husband being there because he doesn't want me going alone. He says Jersey City is not a good city to be out in the evenings/nights. It's what I have to do to get nursing support from a real person, not that these forums are not help but it's different. I'm just glad I was able to find one being a working mom and all.

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    I'd find another sitter. I agree that you should get to have a life. But I believe that should be worked into the schedule ahead of time. For example, my Daycare is closed for one week in Aug so she can go on vacation and the 4day holiday of Thanksgiving and Christmas day. That's it. We know about the week in Aug ahead of time and are able to plan for it...but it involves one of us taking vacation time to cover it. That wouldn't be cool once a month.

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