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    This might be long, but need help and need to vent....
    DD is almost 3months old and has not been allowed to nurse since she was 3wks old b/c of food allergies,failure to thrive, and many other complications, anyways I have been pumping since then and freezing, three weeks ago dr's told me my milk was contaminated and I had to throw it all away, I keep pushing it off, and finally did on May 9, the day dd was readmitted to the hospital. that was the day My supply was starting to actually come back (I have been having problems b/c of stress and fearing she will never beable to nurse again), once we in the hospital for two days my supply completely disappeared. At first I took this as a sign that I am not suppose to supplement with bm. but then yesterday the dr started adding bm to her formula. But I do not have enough of a supply I am literally pumping almost all day long and I can get only 1 to 1.5ounces daily. I am taking fenugreek 4pills 3x's daily, mother's milk tea, and domperidone. I was so happy to hear I could supplement with bm but now I can't get my supply back does anybody have any other suggestions on herbs/food to increase milk and fast (I have to avoid milk, eggs, nuts, soy, gluten, wheat b/c of dd's allergies)
    pLease help, I am getting to the point where I am just going to give up.

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    i am struggling with a similar situation of my son being able to nurse, not able to nurse, able to nurse, then not because of failure to thrive...and my milk supply is struggling because of it! he is 4 months and weighs 8lbs (i hope). he was a preemie. this may not be the easiest advice, but you have to rest, i wouldn't pump so much. your body will not produce milk if you are stressed. i was killing myself to pump. now that i have relaxed (and i let myself sleep some at night) my milk has started to go up from maybe one ounce a pumping to three. i ate oatmeal, fenugreek (i stopped taking it a couple days but am about to start again). one thing that helped me too was to drink TONS of water. have a water bottle with you everywhere you go. pumping all day will wear you out- breast milk is the best for your baby but you have to take care of yourself to be able to get any more milk. have you tried going to pumping every two hours, or three hours? then just sleeping for four hours at night. i think you would feel so much better. your milk will come, relax, try to laugh. and remember, even if your baby doesn't get all breast milk she will still grow up and start dating... which has to be worse than this! how awful you had to throw all that milk away you worked so hard for. i am sorry about that. you are doing awesome, it is obvious you love your baby, no matter what she eats. oh, i recently spoke with an lc and she told me how much you pump today will affect your milk supply in three days (although mine has seemed a bit slower than that) hand in there, in three days there maybe one more ounce... then another... and another.

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