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    Unhappy supplementing

    I have been supplementing my 3 month old since day 1. It started out as just one bottle from dh so I could get some sleep. I know.. formula feeding affects your supply. When I returned to work I went from 1 bottle to 3 bottles per day. My DS is breaking out in rashes on his face and body. When we are together on my days off he only gets 1(4oz) bottle. I CANNot pump at work, however I may be able to sneak one pump session in at home, if I sacrifice everything else!!!!( exercise,clean house, time with my 16 yr old, etc..) I work nights,( 7pm-3am), he is sleeping when I get home, but I am usually too tired to spend an hour pumping. I know I neeed to get more BM into him, but I got discouraged when I returned to work and My MIL was feeding him 2 min before I was picking him up. I am the primary breadwinner in my house so quitting is out of the question. My husband is very supportive , but other family members aren't. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. Should I continue bfing even if it 's only 4x a day? I really don't want to beat myself up about it anymore. My MIL thinks I should use bfing as just a comfort tool for my son. He does love to comfort nurse, and I let him nurse on demand. It's just been this last week that he's been pulling off acting frustrated, but only on one breast. I know my supply will get worse if things continue this way.Please advise.

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    what kind of formula are you using?
    have you talked to your doctor about switching?
    have you tried co-sleeping that might help him get an extra feed in.
    The fussy ness might just be a growth spurt. its common to get then at that age. Any breastmilk is good for baby.
    do be afraid to call your local leader she is around to help!

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