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Thread: evening fussiness

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    Unhappy evening fussiness

    Hi everyone-
    My LO is 4 weeks old. For about the past week she has been getting REALLY fussy around 6-9 PM. Sometimes it has even started around 4 PM and lasted until 9! She acts hungry, but when I put her to the breast, she cries and fusses, bats her fists in the air (or at whatever is in her way--including my boob) , and shakes her head all over the place (which is really strange looking and kind of scary). She will latch on for about five minutes (or less), then starts the crying and fussing all over again, so I don't think she is actually getting very much milk. I visited a lactation consultant recently who said I have an OALD and an oversupply, so I suppose this could have something to do with it, but why is her reaction so fussy around this time-frame, and what can I do to help her out?

    To confuse matters even more, last night my husband gave her a bottle of pumped milk around this time. This was only her third bottle ever. But, we were hoping that if the OALD/oversuppy issue was causing the problem, this would help to avoid the fussines, but it didn't! She took the bottle (most all of the 4 oz. anyway), but it took over an hour (she still pulled off and fussed and cried throughout) and she was still fussy afterwards for a couple of hours.

    Any ideas or advice on this issue? Otherwise things are going pretty well... The crying a fussing is just so frustrating because she seems so miserable, and I don't know what to do to make things better. I appreciate ANY suggestions.

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    Default Re: evening fussiness

    wow, I too am having this problem with my 5 mo old lately. Nothing soothes her, not even her sucky, and she pulls off then gets mad cause she isn't getting milk cause she keeps pulling off! then she likes to grab things and squeeze them really hard, and pinch, which is usually my skin. So what I do, is I change her diaper, feed her as much as I can, then hold her very close, with her face and chest towards me, and pat her butt. (a pat for my children is more of a spank, cause they get mad with pats). If that doesn't work, I lay down with her, and tickle around her eyes and nose. Other times, she just goes to sleep. Have you tried reading to her, or massaging? i forgot about these crying times from when dd1 was older.

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    Default Re: evening fussiness

    For the 4 week old - maybe your LO has gas? Have you tried mylecon? Also, a lot of LOs are just fussy around this time of day. My almost 6 mo has been doing this for a while now again in the evenings. I think it's because toward the end of the day I'm more tired and my milk doesn't letdown as fast as it does in the mornings when I'm "fresh" (whatever that means anymore!) and she's too impatient to wait. I usually just switch sides back and forth, to try to get her to keep latching on a little at a time, and eventually my milk will let down. But if she's really bad, I will just try to get her to sleep, as sometimes she's just more tired than usual and just needs some sleep. HTH!

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    Default Re: evening fussiness

    I went through this about 3-4 weeks ago. My little one gets bm in a bottle as I ep. But this phase lasted about a week. Nothing would calm her, not eating, walking, rocking. Maybe a bath would work sometimes. You could try that. Aside from that al I can say is hang in there. It will pass. Hopefully soon.

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    Default Re: evening fussiness

    Could she be ready to go to bed? Many babies go to bed around 7 pm and some even earlier! My son is always fussy in the late afternoon/early evening too and we've found wearing him around really helps. My husband uses the Baby Bjorn and I use a sling. Then we usually start our bedtime routine around 6:30 pm or 7 pm and he's going to bed around 30 minutes later.

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