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Thread: BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

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    Question BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

    Just saw my SIL and her mother. Together they have BFed 10 children. They think that I am feeding DD too frequently. That I should only be feeding her 5 times in 24 hours and not at all in the middle of the night. DD is 2.5 mos and eats about every 2 hours and goes 6hours once at night. They also think that at 3 mos I should start giving her carrot juice (homemade from juicing organic carrots) because she will need more than breastmilk soon. It won't be enough for her.

    I think that DD and I are doing fine. She is gaining weight well. I do not really think that she needs anything besides BM until after 6 mos. Feeding every 2 hours and at night does not bother me. On the other hand it would be more convenient to have a more rigid schedule when I go back to school full-time in November.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Default Re: BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

    keep doing what ur doing....and bf is all ur baby needs right now....ur lo is gaining so dont worry...they probably mean no harm but this is ur baby!!

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    Default Re: BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

    Huh? Say what?
    What you're doing sounds great! And what they're talking about sounds ridiculous.

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    Default Re: BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

    Don't ever give your baby carrots or carrot juice before 6 (preferably 8) months. The nitrates in carrot can cause blue baby syndrome. Breast fed infants don't need anything other than breast milk until they are 6 months old. Even after that they need very little extra until they are 1. Also every baby is different in terms of how much s/he can get with every feeding therefore how frequently s/he needs to feed. Some babies can take 4-5 oz at one time so they can only feed for 6 times a day. But others (like mine) can only take 2-3 oz which means they need to BF about 10 times a day. Your ILs might have BF THEIR babies but they don't know yours.

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    Default Re: BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

    I agree... 2.5 months is way too young to start a psuedo-solid like carrot juice! Little tummies just aren't ready to digest things like that. Go with your gut...and just smile and say thanks for the advice, but you two are doing fine!
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    Default Re: BF 5x a day + carrot juice?

    While I am sure their experience may prove to be helpful with some subjects, I would also have to agree with the previous gals that feeding on demand is a great thing to be able to offer your LO - especially in these early months!!!! WHen it gets closer to the time you'll be going to school, the nursing shceudle may be a bit different and can be accomodated for at that time

    Good luck!!!!!
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