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Thread: too much hindmilk? thrush?

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    Default too much hindmilk? thrush?

    Hello everyone! Let me just start by saying that this forum has been sooooo helpful to me. So, thank you for all your help. I have a couple of questions...

    1. is it possible to have too much hindmilk? I've heard of too much foremilk, but I didn't know if it was possible to have the opposite. When my breasts leak milk, it doesn't look like the watery, think milk that I used to see at the beginning of pumping. It looks thick, like hindmilk. If this is possible, is it a problem for my son?

    2. I have a forceful let-down and my son kills my nipple trying to keep up with it in the beginning. It has made my nipples very sore at the beginning of nursing. Once he gets on and latches a little better, the pain goes away. Yesterday, I started having some symptoms of thrush (which I just got rid of a couple of weeks ago)...a little bit of burning and some shooting pain. I didn't know if it was possible that the soreness from my nipple could be causing this or if it is thrush coming back. I didn't want to get back on meds if I didn't need to.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: too much hindmilk? thrush?

    not sure about your first question. but on your second, it may be the thrush coming back. did you treat your lo too, the last time you had it? if not he can pass it back to you. hth
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    Default Re: too much hindmilk? thrush?

    he got one dose of gentian violet. both my doctor and his doctor told me that he would have thrush if he was infected. he has not had any sign of thrush. But, if i'm getting the infection back, it makes me think he must have it too. the other possibility I considered was that it could be coming back because of how rough he is on my nipples with the overactive let-down. There must be little cracks/sores on them that I just can't see...they are too sore not to have anything wrong with them. I know you can get yeast infections from cracks, so i didn't know if that was what caused the yeast to come back...if that's what it is.

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