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Thread: Teeth - ouch!!!

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    I’m having a bit of a problem nursing my daughter lately. She’s 9 months old and has 2 top teeth and 3 bottom ones. Lately when she’s been nursing, she’s been kind of digging her top teeth into my nipple. She isn’t intentionally biting me, but her teeth are really starting to hurt. I’m getting small cuts on my nipples that she reopens every time she nurses. I’ve tried changing positions, but her teeth seem to hit the same spot whether I’m holding her or lying down with her. The only way they’re in a different spot is if I use a football hold, but she’s nearly 30”, so that’s difficult to do. I don't know what to do to stop her from using her teeth when she's nursing.

    Thanks for any suggestions!


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    I just noticed that no one had replied to your post. I'm sorry you're having problems with teeth, it sounds painful. I'm not sure I have any good advice for you. I went through some similar issues with my DS when he got his top teeth. I tried lots of different positions, but I think he just eventually outgrew the problem. It seemed to be the worst for us when he was actually getting teeth and when he wanted to do a lot of comfort sucking. Active nursing was better, so I ended up trying to limit some comfort suckng for awhile. I'd try to make sure you're getting a nice deep latch, and use plenty of Lansinoh. It's so frustrating when nursing starts to hurt after being easy for so long! Maybe someone else will have some better ideas! For us the problem did eventually go away.

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    Ouch, I posted about teeth above but stimply because we dont have any yet. I would look at back posts about teething and nursing, there was a good article link about propper latching and biting. Apparently if baby is latching on well, it is much harder for them to bite/hurt you. Is she possibly getting more teeth? If so, that could be causing her pain, which can cause her latch to be a bit off.

    Sorry I don't have any better advice but it has been a long time since my first got her teeth!

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