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Thread: eating & pooping patterns changed

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    Question eating & pooping patterns changed

    My daughter Mya turned 6 weeks old on Tuesday. She should be going through a growth spurt right about now, which is consistent with her more frequent nursing patterns throughout the day and especially in the evening from about 6 till 11pm. It is also consistent with her obvious growth and increasing baby fat. She is active and very alert and focused. My concern is with her latenight feeding patterns and her pooping patterns of the past week:
    First, Feeding: She has continued to fuss at her normal nighttime feeding times with one or two exceptions where she has actually slept right thru a feeding time. (I never wait for her to fully cry, she eats much better if fed before she has a chance to get upset) And I still get her up and check/change her diaper to get her a little more awake and let her know I'll be feeding her momentarily. However, at her normal 2am and 4 am feedings she has latched and gone immediately back to sleep without taking more than a sip. Then, also, her 6 am feeding has been much shorter than usual. She has fewer wet diapers in the late night now too. It seems as if she is starting to condition herself to sleep thru the night. I just don't know if this is "healthy" for her at this young age to as long as 7 hours between feedings.

    As for pooping: She still has normal yellow runny/seedy poops, but has gone from at least 4 per day to only 2. She still has tiny little "spots" of poop (literally less than 1/4 of a teaspoon) in almost every diaper change but did before too. Hubby and I get worried and almost count the minutes between those loud telltale poopy "farts"
    Note: She has frequent wet diapers thrughout the day I would say she has at least 10 wet diapers in any 24 hour period.

    I am assuming that this is all normal signs of her getting "older", but one can never worry TOO much LOL. And I'm sorry for being so wordy, but the more info I give, the more knowledgable the replies can be, I think. If anyone says, "this doesn't sound normal", my immediate action would be to call the pediatrician, of course.

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    Default Re: eating & pooping patterns changed


    my guess is many moms would like to be in your position: a 6-week old who has started sleeping through the night!!

    my son also started to change his feeding patterns around 6 weeks, with intervals between feedings getting longer. at first i was worried as well, fearing he wasn't eating enough, but my understanding is that as long as the baby is gaining weight properly and wetting a good # of diapers per day, all is well. i wasn't quite so lucky at night, and he continued to feed during all his night feedings. but now at 2.5 months he is needing to feed less and less at night as well. he's also down to 1-2 poopy diapers per day now, which surprised my husband, but i've read that eventually all babies reach this point. it's just a sign that their stomachs are getting bigger and their digestive systems are maturing.

    not an expert opinion, but i hope that helps.
    everything is a cause of worry for us moms-- even just our babies growing up. it's something of an occupational hazard, i suppose.

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    Default Re: eating & pooping patterns changed

    I heard that at 6 weeks you are finished producing colostrum which has a laxative effect so baby's don't poop as much. That initial laxative part is to help baby clear his/her system from the merconium. After that the digestive tract is more mature and no more colostrum, so that's why they stop pooping as much. I could be wrong here, like I said I just heard that.

    My dd did the same thing though--when she was about 6-8 weeks she stopped pooping at night and I quit changing her diaper. She only poops 2-3 times now, where her diaper is poopy (she gets those little fart stains throughout the day). Now I go get her and feed her before she even gets woke up and sometimes she just barely sucks and falls asleep. Usually I leave her latched on until letdown and then she sucks and eats, almost in her sleep--that way she isn't up again in 45 minutes, just as I am drifting off.

    Babies also get more efficient as time goes on, so even though her nursings are shorter, she might be getting just as much milk as before.

    If she is having wet diapers, then you are doing great. I have also heard that some bf babies only poop 2-3 times per week, but wet is important! And consider yourself lucky that dd is sleeping for those long stretches--mine has never slept longer thatn 4 hours and ismore like 2-2.5 at a stretch at night. I am usually up 3-4 times a night!

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