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Thread: I am sure I am not the first to be concerned about weight gain, but please advise

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    Default I am sure I am not the first to be concerned about weight gain, but please advise

    Okay the history first..
    S is 2 months old
    at birth she weighed 7 lbs even
    when we left the hospital she weighed 6 lb 12 oz
    at her 2 week appt she weighed 6 lb 13 oz
    at her 2 month appt she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz

    At her 2 week appt the dr. seemed a little concerened, but S seemed to be content, eating well every 2-3 hours with a 4 hour stretch most nights.

    We are now more concerned after having her 2 month check up she has not gained even a lb yet.

    About 2 weeks ago she started to get really fussy, brushed it off as colic it would start around 5:00 and last until bed time at 9:00. A week later it seemed that S was always fussy. Was/is always crying unless she is eating or sleeping, but will only sleep well if she is being held. It is as though she is always starving

    I work part time in the mornings and am able to pump enough for her while I am gone, and I BF when I am home. I can usually pump 4 oz in the am and will usually be able to get 2-3 more during the day when I am home, so when I am gone S is eating about 4-6 oz in 5 hours (although part of that is her long nap in the morning). I think she is getting pleanty to eat when I am home cause I hear her swallowing. She is however a very lazy eater and falls asleep very easily and every time she eats. Even with a bottle it will take her 20 min. to drink 4 oz. In the afternoon I feed her on one side while pumping the other, switch sides and pump the other while she finishes the "good stuff" on the one we started pumping with, then if she needs more I will give her the bottle that we pumped (1-2 oz) she rarely needs this, but occasionally. Most of the time though she will just fall asleep and stay asleep as long as someone is holding her or she is in the sling, but if we try to put her down she wakes right up and starts crying.

    The Dr. mentioned the need to supplement as she is not even in the 5th % for weight. She is fine for height and head circumference though.

    What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? How can I get my little S to not be so fussy and to gain weight. Is this fussy stuff colic? What exactly is colic? Is it what I eat? I am a very average eater, I eat a variety of foods, veggies, meats, pastas, starches...basically anything but celery.

    S is my 3rd and my other 2 kids were BF until I went back to work, I didn't try hard to pump with them and gave them formula by 3-4 months they were on formula except at night. With S I really REALLY want to avoid formula and its expense. Please help me!

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    Default Re: I am sure I am not the first to be concerned about weight gain, but please advise

    dr sears has some good info on his web site about fussy babies and colic....

    try feeding more often some babies need to nurse up to 12 times in 24 hours to get the weight gain.
    heres some more info
    breast compressions might help to keep the baby at the breast longer

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    Default Re: I am sure I am not the first to be concerned about weight gain, but please advise

    Thank you for the links. I don't understand the compression stuff though any insite? I read it and I had a hard time visualizing it.

    That Dr. Sears link helped a ton though! My S, while has bouts of colic pain, is more a "high need" baby. 10/12 of the features were dead on with her and the other two seemed more for older babies so it is possibly what we have to look forward too. Thank you so much for pointing me towards that link and info! My husband and I were able to sit down and realize that we weren't aweful parents and our S didn't hate us. We were able to discuss how our parenting would have to change to help her.

    It is crazy, I think she knew that we had finally figured it out, after a nice relazing walk with her in the sling and after an evening of close constant contact she was cooing and smiling, made me want to cry! There is hope for us. Thank you again.

    So that explains the fussiness now if only we can get her to gain weight. I really don't want to have to supplement formula, I know that once I start I will have a hard time stopping, formula is too convenient for me.

    I would love more insite on avoiding supplementing and maybe a more visual way of compression

    Thanks again Anrea!

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    Default Re: I am sure I am not the first to be concerned about weight gain, but please advise

    How many wet and dirty diapers does she have in a day? Have you tried waking her up if she falls asleep? Have you seen a lactation consultant? They might be able to help you. Sometimes they will weight baby before and after a feed to see how much they are getting per feed.

    It is good that her length and head are growing well. It might be that she is just going to be petite. However, I would still try methods to increase her weight gain.

    Besides the fussiness, does she have any other symptoms that something is going on? Funky stools or rashes? Lots of spitting up? The reason I ask is that an allergy can present itself as colic and poor growth. Usually there are some other signs though--mucousy stools that may have blood or be green, rashes, congestion,reflux etc. Just throwing that out as another possibility.


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    Default Re: I am sure I am not the first to be concerned about weight gain, but please advise

    S seems to have pleanty of wet diapers a day and 1-2 dirty diapers a day. I tried to get in touch with a consultant, but have not heard back from them. There is a meeting on Thursday and if I can figure out where it is I am planning to go.

    As for the allergy thing she has had an occasional greenish bowel movement, and she is often stuffy in the mornings, but I don't think anything to be concerned about, but for sure something to watch. Thank you for the insite!

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