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Thread: Which nipple flow rate to use?

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    Question Which nipple flow rate to use?

    I think I have overactive letdown, which my boy seems to have gotten used to. My baby is now almost 4 months old and has never taken a bottle. What bottle-nipple flow rate should I try since he is used to my milk coming out so easily?


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    I would start with the slow (0-3mth) nipple. Then see how he does and determine if you need to move up a notch. I personally wouldnt want the bottle to be too much easier than the breast. My son is 7months and still uses the size 2 of avent.
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    I use the Dr. Brown's nipple and I actually switched when our DS was about 2 months old from the level 1 to a preemie nipple. He is 7 months old and still uses a level 1, but I think I will switch to a 2 soon.

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