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Thread: baby sleeps very less !

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    Default baby sleeps very less !


    I have a 5 week old daughter and am having issues regarding her sleep. I am breastfeeding her with an occasional formula top up. She seems ok healthwise ( enough number of poos etc. ) but there seems to be a issue with her sleep. For an infant this small, she hardly seems to sleep at all. I have read that infants should at least 16 hrs a day, but she sleeps only for 11 hrs or so. Also her sleep is fairly disturbed. She keeps making uncomfortable noises almost throughout and keeps scrunching her face etc..

    Is it because she is not getting enough milk ? Her frequency of feeding has gone up in the last one week from every 4 hrs to every 3 hrs. Is her way of telling me that she is not getting enough ?

    I have read that not enough sleep can interfere with mental development, so feeling quite scared. Please help !


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    Default Re: baby sleeps very less !

    i learned sometimes it is better not to read so much because every baby is different and too much comparison leads to too many worries!

    16 hours is just an average, every baby is different. try not to worry too much about this. and babies are always changing their routines--next week your little one may be sleeping 20 hours a day. my dd did this during the week of her 6 week growth spurt. she just slept constantly. which was a shame for my in-laws who were visiting from florida.

    regarding restless sleeping--whomever coined the phrase sleeping like a baby must have never watched a baby sleep . my dd is also a restless sleeper with the scrunchy face! so normal and so funny to watch!

    regarding feedings, if you are getting enough wet nappies, then your baby is doing well. i would recommend feeding every 2-3 hours during the day, to keep up your supply. i also found dd slept better at night with more frequent feedings during the day. plus--more feedings meant more opportunities for her to nap (which she would only do in my arms for the first 3 months of her life! ) Maybe not offer the formula either. That might suppress her need for your bm.

    good luck. you are doing great.

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    Default Re: baby sleeps very less !

    I can sympathize with you! My DS is 8 weeks old and seems to never sleep. He is only sleeping a combined total of 8-10 hrs per day. I guess he forgot to read the book!

    I asked my pediatrician about it at our 2 month check up, and he said not to worry. He said my DS is busy and has things to do, like exploring the world.

    I suppose it's us adults that need more sleep!

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    Hi There!

    It can be worrying when our little ones don't seem to be doing the things that experts say they need to be doing! Keep in mind that 16 hours is an average for that age--babies vary in the amount of sleep they need. At this age, they are pretty good little self-regulators and will sleep when they need to.

    It also sounds to me like she's going through a growth spurt. This would explain why she's wanting to eat more, and it could also be the reason she's sleeping a little less. It's important that your baby be allowed to take all of her meals at the breast. This will help keep your supply up for her growing needs. Using formula, even occasionally, can cause your body to make less milk for your baby.

    Here are a couple of articles that might be helpful:


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    Post Re: baby sleeps very less !

    My son only sleeps about 10-12 hours with anywhere from 1-3 awakenings, and that is at night (Thank the Lord!). He may "cat nap" during the day, 15 mins, here 20 mins there, etc. However, at 7 or 8PM, he goes down for the night! It is like he has an internal clock and just knows when it is bedtime. If people are over and he is distracted, he will stay up until they leave, but he is quite overtired and cranky! I was concerned as well about the lack of sleep, however, he seems to know what he needs. He will sleep in the car and will doze when we go out on walks, but he wakes up as soon as the car/stroller stops. I just assume that your baby is "a nosy one" like mine! They just don't want to miss anything in this new and exciting place! IT does make getting things done during the day difficult, though !

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    Default Re: baby sleeps very less !

    Many babies breastfeed much more often than every three hours, so there is no reason to worry.

    If your baby is alert and contented during her waking time, then she is probably getting both enough sleep and milk. If she is cranky and irritable, she might need more naps. Most babies at his age can only be awake for about two hours before they get tired. Watch her and try to find out when she gets tired. Both my babies napped in my arms or in the sling during the early months, just so I could be sure they would get enough sleep.

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    I had the exact same worries when my baby was a few weeks old. He's 7 weeks now. I had read that all newborns do is sleep and eat, but he was so alert! Then he just started to sleep more around week 4. I'm not sure if he just grew more tired or if I got better at catching his early sleepy signs and got him down before he got over tired. "They" say that if a baby is overtired he'll have more trouble sleeping. I wonder if it's kind of like us grownups when our mind is really active and we can't sleep no matter how tired we are. Anyway, I think there is definitely something to more sleep leading to better sleep. I"ve realized that my baby can only go for about an hour, maybe and hour and 15 (including eating) before I see the first yawn, less bright eyes, or the first fuss sound. But as long as your baby isn't fussy, he's probably getting all he needs.

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