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    I may be worrying about this too far ahead, but what can I say, I'm a worrier ;-) ! In July there will be a three week period of time where it will be very difficult for me to pump. DD will be about 11.5 months when this happens, so I was wondering if I can start to drop some nursing sessions a few weeks before this so that I will be okay if I can only pump once or twice a day (or not at all) without being too uncomfortable (and also so that she will not need the milk that I would normally pump). She eats her solids really well, and normally right now nurses about 5 times per day when I am not working, when I am she gets 2-3 four oz bottles per day at daycare (lately she hasn't always wanted the 3rd). I was hoping that I could get her down to 3-4 sessions per day by then, with the eventual goal of just nursing morning and night once she is 12 months.
    BTW I only work 3 days/week.

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    If you know you won't be able to pump as much, and you have other stuff to feed your baby, you can definitely start dropping pumping session(s) a few weeks before, so that you're not engorged during that time.

    On the days that yo're together, you can still nurse on demand, or not, as you and her wish.
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