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Thread: I swear she knows what time it is....

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    Default I swear she knows what time it is....

    At daycare, 4 days a week, she gets bottles at 9 and 2. On the weekends, when I try to nurse her during the day, she gets miffed. I pump during the week (I get a couple ounces at a time, but I do it to remind my body that the baby is still nursing during the day so there is milk there on the weekend) at 9, noon, and 3. It's like she knows that she should be getting a bottle and is miffed that she's having to nurse instead. She nurses well during the night and for most of her evening feedings, even during the week. She's gained over 27 ounces in the past 6 weeks, so I know she's getting enough. She's just not the picture of a happy nurser. You know, where the mom is holding the sweet baby snuggled at her breast happily sucking away? Doesn't happen very much here. I think she prefers the full feeling she gets from the bottle.

    Is it possible to have nipple preference at certain times of the day?

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    Default Re: I swear she knows what time it is....

    It sounds like she is just used to her routine. DD gets that way with me, too. But if I am late getting home, she gets mad a DH when he tries to give her a bottle.

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