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    Can anyone help me i have just had 2 beautiful twin boyswho were taken by c-section at 34 weeks and they spent 12 days in the NICU I started pumping as soon as possible but nothing happened. The LC at the hostital told me after 7 days I should give up, I couldn't after all I have two older girls who were breastfeed exclusively w/ no problems at all actually I think I could have feed an army then. When my boys came home I was holding one of them and I leaked milk so I knew if I just kept pumping I would get more. Well now its been 16 days since my boys birth pumping every 3 hours the most I have gotten at once is 30ml. I am eating right, drinking gallon of water every day,and getting lots of rest. Also my doctors will not give me the meds. to help increase because I have a history w/ depression and thats one of side effects. What can I do to help ? bf has always been important to me I have done it before w/ no problems why is this happening? should I give up ? I am ok w/ knowing my boys will probably never accept my breastbut I can't accept that they won't get the very best food.

    Please Help us -----Tara-Kay

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    s to you!!! sounds like you've really been through the ringer lately. The best thing you can do is get those babies to the breast. Their suck is a lot stronger than the pump is. It's more effective rather. The more the babies are at the breast the more milk you will make. Stay with it, you can do it. It's just going to take a little time. Eat you some oatmeal and nurse nurse nurse. HTH!!!!

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    nurse nurse nurse!!! dont give up! what i did is i started getting depressed and stressed about my supply my LC told me i was just making it worse and i wasnt going to increase my supply by stressing..so they had me take fenugreek it helped me...reglan did make me very depressed so i stopped it....good luck

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    Hi Tara-Kay,
    Congratulations on those two little boys.

    You CAN breastfeed. It is important that you receive some support right now and it is great that you are here. Do you have a local LLL Leader that you could call? That would be very helpful, especially since the LC at the hospital wasn't very encouraging. I'm sorry about that.

    I strongly suggest you post in the Multiples forum down below. We have a lot of helpful moms there as well.

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