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Thread: Thrush: Difulcan and Triple Ointment

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    Unhappy Thrush: Difulcan and Triple Ointment

    Has anyone that has or had thrush ever been prescribed Difulcan liquid for their LO? My LO was on Nystatin liquid 4x per day for the past week with no improvement. I was using Nystatin cream at the same time after every feeding.
    My LC gave me a prescription for Triple Ointment (All Purpose Nipple Ointment) which I now should apply after every feeding. And my DD's pediatrician prescribed Difulcan liquid for her.
    I was concerned (as always) about the effects of any medication on my LO. She's only 5 weeks old. Has anyone else ever used this combination for thrush? At this point, I just look forward to the pain and itching subsiding!!!
    Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions/comments!!!
    due to the pain and discomfort I've been feeling for the past two weeks!!!

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    Thumbs down Re: Thrush: Difulcan and Triple Ointment

    None of that stuff worked for us. Medical science could not conquer our thrush!

    Gentian violet did the trick and did it quickly. You can get some for about $6 on eBay if your local pharmacies do not carry it. I highly recommend it! It works on you and your LO's mouth at the same time.

    Good luck. As they say on these boards...thursh is the devil.

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    Default Re: Thrush: Difulcan and Triple Ointment

    I took difulcan for 14 days straight while using nystatin for both me and my twins, which is what finally cleared up our 4 month battle.
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    Default Re: Thrush: Difulcan and Triple Ointment

    DD and I were both on nystatin then both on diflucan. The thrush kept coming. Gentian violet was the only thing that worked for us. Also vinegar after feeding, washing all breast pads in HOT water, boiling DDs pacifier for 20 min each day, and taking probiotics.

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