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    I just got back from my first work trip since DS was born and am happy to report that it was a success. I was going to be away for 2 nights, and gave DH the option of either taking care of DS solo at home, or coming along with us. Since the trip was to a fun location (Portland, OR), DH decided to come along and take care of DS. DS had MANY first experiences on the trip - including first airplane flight and first time in a hotel!

    To minimize the number of bottles that DS would need (and therefore the amount of pumping I'd have to do), DH and DS met me at the work site for lunch so we could say hi and DS could nurse. We flew Monday night and I carried with us on the plane EBM for DS's first bottle on Tuesday. I pumped during a break on Tues morning, then when I saw DH at lunch gave that EBM to DH for DS's afternoon bottle. I pumped again Tues afternoon, and that EBM became DS's bottle for the next morning. Since I only needed to pump a couple of times, I brought and used my Medela hand pump (instead of lugging around my Medela PISA).

    To keep the EBM cold, we had two small softsided coolers (one for DH and one for me) and lots of ziplock bags for ice. Going through security at the airport, we dumped the ice before security and then got more ice from a restaurant as soon as possible. At the hotel, the room didn't have a fridge so we filled up the ice bucket with an ice / water mix and the EBM stayed nice and cold overnight. I didn't have any problems with TSA and when I said there was breastmilk in the cooler, they didn't give me any problems and were good about keeping the cooler upright when it went through the xray machine.

    To avoid needing to travel with a bottle warmer, when it was time for DS's bottle, DH went to a cafe and asked for just a cup of warm water and used that to warm DS's bottle. He said everyone was helpful and he didn't have any problems.

    The biggest challenge of the trip was DS not sleeping well in a strange location. DS went to sleep ok, but woke up sounding very confused / distressed. We don't cosleep at home, but since the hotel had a king sized bed we brought DS into bed with us at the hotel. DS still woke alot but he (and me!) got a little more sleep that way.

    I can't even begin to say how much I my DH for doing this!
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    That's great!!!! Thank you for letting us know your successful strategies and good for you for being so ingenious!!!

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