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Thread: UGH! Quick digestion!

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    Default UGH! Quick digestion!

    So we have been playing with food...for the past 2 weeks or so. DS is almost 8 months old, and has all the major food protien allergies (dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, wheat and fish) so we haven't done much. He has taken banana, avocado, and the past 2 evenings pears. The first time he had the pears he seemed to tolerate it well, filled the diaper with it the next day. Last evening he had pears at about 5:30 and by 6:45 it was already in his diaper, undigested.

    Now, I did have a bagel yesterday, which there was really no choice, I had nothing to eat, was shaky, and it was the only thing in sight. He has done okay in the past if I have just a little bit of wheat, but nothing more than a little bit. Was it the pear, or the bagel...

    Oh the difficulties of deciphering poop!


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    I would hold off on giving any pears for a couple of weeks and then try again and see what happens.

    DS broke out after having yams but I gave them again 2 weeks later and he was fine. Must have been something else in my diet.

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