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Thread: Extra sleepy & Slow gain 3 week old

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    Question Extra sleepy & Slow gain 3 week old

    Aloha, Glad I found you! little back ground on baby:
    Born @ 37 weeks, induced due to cholestasis of pregnancy May 1st
    Birth weight 7lb 9oz
    Day 2- 6lb 12oz
    Day 8- 6lb 13oz
    Day 13- 7lb 1oz
    Day 15- 7lb 2oz
    Day 22- 7lb 7oz
    Jaundiced for the first 2 weeks of life
    Exclusively breast fed
    5 or more yellow, green or orangy stools per day
    5 or more colorless pee pees
    Had poor latch for the first week, LC helped correct it, she wouldn't open wide enough, and botom lip curls under, she also has bad habit of sucking on tongue when she's supposed to be latching on. I'm pulling chin down and uncurling lip.
    I had cracked nipple on right side due to one week of poor latch.....causing me to develop mastitis this week (ouchy). Am currently on antibiotics. Nipple is healed and not painful when latching any longer.

    I'm basically concerned that she is such a sleepy baby, and am wondering if it is normal for her to be so lazy about eating. Dr has me waking her every 2-3 hours during the day for feeds.....it'll take me a good 10 minutes to wake her fully, then she'll latch and suck for maybe 2-5 min and then knock out again. It's been extremely frustrating to keep having to wake her again and again. Do you think her slow gain is due to her not being an enthusiastic eater? I think she would happily sleep the day away, and not eat if it were up to her. She gets up twice per night to eat.

    She will have some awake moments each day, and some days if we're lucky we get to see her eyes for an hour or so (but not everyday). Do you think she's normal? I keep worrying that something's wrong with her, but I do tend to be a worry wart! When should she be waking up on her own to tell me she's hungry? I have 2 other kids, and never had any problems with the weight or breastfeeding......every kiddo is different I guess!

    Any advice or wisdom would be greatly apreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Extra sleepy & Slow gain 3 week old

    I wouldn't call that slow. It took my son almost 4 weeks to regain birth weight, but he was gaining at a steady pattern(as is yours), and the doctor never had any concerns about it.

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    Default Re: Extra sleepy & Slow gain 3 week old

    My daughter was a very sleepy infant. She did wake to eat most of the time, but keeping her awake was so hard. We'd have to get her down to just a diaper to make her cool, tickle her cheeck, her feet...whatever it took to keep her going.

    Keep doing what you're doing, it sounds like you're on the right track.
    Mother - Wife - Artist - Cook - Writer - EnvironMENTAList - Cloth Diaperer (but we are soooo done with diapers) - Organic Health Nut...I'm sure there's more.

    DD1 - 12/15/05 Breastfed for 16.5 months
    DD2 - 8/6/07 Breastfed for 3 whole years and 3 little, extra days.

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    Default Re: Extra sleepy & Slow gain 3 week old

    Sometimes sleepiness can cause problems with feeding and weight gain. What happens is the baby is too sleepy to eat, then because they aren't eating enough they get even sleepier--so it becomes a cycle. While some babies are slow gainers, most babies who are feeding well will regain birthweight by two weeks of age. It is a good sign, though, that your baby is putting on some weight and having enough wet and dirty diapers. Average weight gain, though, for this age is about 6 oz per week (with about 4 ounces being an ok minimum). I'd suggest going back to see a lactation consultant again. It could be that your baby is still having trouble sucking effectively enough to transfer enough milk. When that happens baby can wear herself out trying to eat. You can also try breast compressions to keep baby nursing longer. If it's just sleepiness, that may do the trick. Here is a link that explains them: http://www.bflrc.com/newman/handouts...ompression.htm

    How many feedings are you able to get in in 24 hours? Most newborns need 8-12 feedings per day. For a slow gaining baby it is good to be on the high end, aiming for at least 10-12 per day. HTH!

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