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Thread: I have to go out of town.

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    Default I have to go out of town.

    My son is 5 1/2 months old. He is bf during the morning and evening and bottle fed expressed breast milk during the day while at my sister's for child care. I usually nurse him to sleep and again at least one time during the night. The problem is I need to go out of town for two nights in late June. We have been trying to transition to having my husband give him a nighttime bottle, because my son is somewhat dependent on me to get to sleep. Its been a little rough, on all of us. Any suggestions on how to help my son and my husband to make this transition?

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    Smile Re: I have to go out of town.

    I had to go out of town for 4 nights with my LO was 6 months. We also tried to "practice" and my LO refused to take the bottles at night. I was so worried that she would go hungry while I was away but she took the bottles fine when I was away. I have been told (but I have never seen data to support this) that a baby can smell his/her mom (and mom's milk) up to 25 feet away. So, if you are in the house she may refuse to take a bottle when she knows she can hold out and get it from the tap!

    A couple of comments on leaving LO for the first time...

    1) leave behind a blanket (or 3) that have your small on them - sleep with them with out a shirt on or anything just to make sure your smell is available. I was told this and did it and my DH was sooo happy. We could not smell my scent on it but when he pulled it out for my LO who would not calm down she buried her face in it and then snuggled with him and the blanket.

    2) make sure you know how to hand express milk! You need to know how in the event that your pump breaks or in the event that your breast decide they do not want to be milked by the "evil mechanical child." After the first day of pumping (on my 4 day trip) my right breast would only pump out 1-2 oz when it was full. I had to hand express and I got another 3 oz out! The last day of the trip I started to get a small blister on the left nipple from pumping so much (I normally only pump 3-4 times a day and nurse the rest of the time). Hand expressing was much more gentle than the pump (even on the lowest setting).

    Good luck and remember, it is hard at first to be away but it is only for 2 day!
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