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Thread: Nursing for long enough? Getting enough milk?

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    I agree with you... I had my ds almost two weeks ago, and while in the hospital, I was told so many different things by the nurses. I was just happy this was my second, because if it were my first, I would be totally confused.

    I would also ditch the bottle. He is getting enough, I'm sure. But as I said, I do understand and remember the anxiety. My dd was the same kind of nurser at this state. And right now my ds is in a growth spurt and nursing every hour! How I miss those 5-10 every two hour feedings!

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    How many dirty diapers is he having? At this age it's okay if he's not having one every day, but they should be coming somewhat regularly.

    Really, based on the amount of wet diapers you describe, and his excellent weight gain, I think he's probably getting plenty. We like to see a weight gain of 4-7 oz per week, and your baby is right at 7 oz/week if he weighed just 13 lbs (you said he weighed over that!).

    I would strongly suggest you quit pumping after feeds (this can lead to oversupply issues) and offering a bottle (it sounds like he's getting enough from you). If he seems hungry, re-offer the breast. Don't worry about the amount of time spent at the breast. As I said above, it sounds like he's getting plenty. Some babies just nurse REALLY fast!

    I decided in the hospital that I was just going to listen to my body and my baby and do whatever worked for us....hmmmmm....maybe I should go back to that theory?!?!? LOL
    It can be hard sometimes not to get caught up in numbers. Your baby is the best gauge for whether or not he is getting enough to eat. Try to relax and trust your body!

    You're doing GREAT mama!
    "Mothers are designed to be available to their babies--to help them make the transition into this big, wide world. To teach them to trust, and love, and feel good about being alive."
    --Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq., So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    I totally agree with PPs. Don't supplement!! Your baby knows exactly what he needs, if he is hungry, he'll let you know, he'll cry. Supplementing will interfere with BFing. I understand completely what you are going thru, I worried a lot with my DD when she nursed only 5 minutes from one side. But once I realized her wet diapers where fine, I started to enjoy it. Now she is 4 months old and she nurses when she wants. I don't look at the clock anymore. I'm much more relaxed this way.

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    I don't know if I'm much help here because I exclusively pump, but maybe you'd feel better if you invest in a scale. Then you could see that yes your baby is gaining weight!

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