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    Exclamation supply decreasing

    I am in need of help my daughter is 8wks old and my milk supply is going down real fast.

    I am beginning to believe that I will never get my supply back and it kills me. I try explaining it to my friends (who have no kids) and they are just like oh it is not a big deal she can have formula... but it is. I want my DD to have the best and that is Breast milk and I cry every time I pump and there is nothing but a few drops. My DH keeps trying to tell me that it is okay and it will come back but all it is doing is going down more and more. It is like no one understands how upsetting it is to me that I can't give what is best for my DD

    Here is the long list of events which I am going to assume caused the problem.

    When she was born (4pm), she did not want to eat right away so it was about 4 hours until she started to nurse (8pm). At that point she was there for a long time, when the tech came in to check on everything she said that my DD needed to be supplemented before trying to nurse her again because she didn't want to feed (it was about 12am) within 2 hours of last feeding. Therefore, she was given breast milk via a bottle. After being discharged, we went for her check-up and she had lost 1lb 12oz so they wanted her to have formula after breast-feeding. She went back in to have her weight checked and the doctor said her Jaundice levels where to high because she had not been eating so was not pooping enough. She was hospitalized under lights, I was unable to feed her from the breast because she could only be out from lights at 15 min intervals every 2 hours, and it took us a while to get latched on, so had to pump. When we got home and started to nurse again we were having a hard time latching on and she torn my nipples up and the lactation consultant had her nurse from a nipple shield. During this time, I was also pumping once she was done. When we started to wean her off the shield, I got Bi-Lateral mastitis, was unable to breast feed because of the pain, and only pumped. I was unable to get her back to the breast because of pain and her not latching on. I was getting about 5-6 oz total during a pumping session. (Week 5) my supply started to go down when I was all done with my medicine and back to normal activities. The past two weeks it has gone down to about 1oz total and I have had to feed her an additional 5oz or so of formula, with some sessions only being formula because I was unable to get any breast-milk. This past Saturday (3am) morning, I was back in the hospital with severe pain and had my appendix removed (11am) I wasn't unable to pump until about 10 am Sunday and did not even get one full once. I will be able to pump but not give it to her due to the medicine I am on.

    1. How can I increase my supply where I will not need to supplement her with formula? (she gets more formula then breast milk)
    2. Will she go back to breast milk and breast after not being able to have it for (they estimate) 4 weeks?

    If anyone can please help me, it would be great. The formula gives her painful gas and it hurts me to see her go though it not knowing how to help get her what she really needs.

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    Hugs to you! It sounds like you've had a rough time of it.

    Here is a link on increasing your milk supply.


    From someone who's been there, it's hard when breastfeeding gets off to a rough start. But, it does get better. Hang in there with her. Any amount of breastmilk you can give her is better than none at all.
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    Gosh what a rough time for you guys! But you have to figure if women who haven't even giving birth can end of nursing their children (relactation) then you ought to be able to get back on track with a lot of work and the close help of a lactation consultant. Good luck!

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    (((HUGS))) to you. It sounds like you and your baby have been through quite a bit.

    It is possible to get your supply back, but it will take some effort on your part. Check out the sticky at the top of the relactation/induced lactation forum for links to some great information that might help you.

    May I ask which medication you are taking that you have been told is incompatable with breastfeeding? Many times, health care professionals recommend weaning while taking a medication when it is actually unnecessary. I can look up information about the drug you are taking and see if it is considered compatable with breastfeeding or not.

    Hang in there,


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