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Thread: Teething???

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    Question Teething???

    I took my 10 week old into the dr's yesterday for what I thought was an ear infection. Come to find out he is teething!!!!! The dr said that they may come in next week or they may not come in for two months. I am nervous about him biting down on me when he is nursing. Or when his teeth come in isnt that just going to hurt like heck? How did any of you deal with teething and avoid having any pain?

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    Hi Jessica,
    Wow, you must be surprised about the idea of teeth coming in so soon! Rest assured, you can keep nursing your ds even with teeth.
    Sometimes babies will bite down if they have teething pain. If that happens you can offer them some relief with something cold (washcloth, teething toy). The cold can help to numb their gums. It may help to remember that while a baby is actively nursing he cannot bite.
    This info may help, too.
    If Your Baby Bites
    What Should I Do If My Baby Bites Me?


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