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Thread: Cuts and slits in nipples.....large breasted.

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    Default Re: Cuts and slits in nipples.....large breasted.

    I'm betting it's your pump. Evenflo makes notoriously bad pumps. Avent, Ameda, and Medela make the best OTC pumps.

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    Default Re: Cuts and slits in nipples.....large breasted.

    Yes it was the pump....I did receive a hand expressed medela pump from my WIC office Which I'm thankful for. I have been using the nipple shield for a couple of days and the slits look like they are healing.....I'm still not able to pump as the pump (even the medela) just STRETCHES that skin out during expression and just opens the cut (or continue to tear) right up and bleeding follows.

    Now there is a new challenge....I've noticed that only on the right breast, the nipple is really red....and I can't tell if there are little breaks all over the top of the nipple or if they are infact little teeny tiny blisters.....maybe I should just be treated for thrush....and wouldn't you know it....holiday weekend so I guess I'll suffer until Tuesday (I've done a few feedings today only---bare breasted---no nipple shield[because it lead to a little tearing of the cut---some bleeding Right Breast] This would probably be easier if I could post a pic for you---not sure if allowed though

    What exactly is a milk blister? And I have a ? about soothies....it says that you can reuse them....however with these types of problems....is there a way to 'wash' them or steralize them again? Wouldn't want cross-contamination.

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