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Thread: Emptying Breast?

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    I know that I am supposed to let my baby nurse from one breast to make sure she empties it, to get the hindmilk. My question is, my 5 week old falls asleep still. I try to keep her awake. Usually, after about 5-7 minutes, she's not really sucking any more. How do I know she's emptied the breast? I usually have to burp her to wake her back up, then put her back on, but within a minute or two she's out again.

    She's gaining weight, yellow diapers (4-6/day), wet diapers-all day.

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    Some babies are very effecient and can empty a breast quickly! My DS use to only eat for 8 min tops, now we are lucky if hes done in 20 min. AS long as shes putting out the wets and dirtys and gaining, and she has yellow poo, your fine. You could always weigh her before a feeding, let her eat, then weigh her, to see how much shes taking in...

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    Yellow poop means she`s getting the hindmilk. And if she`s gaining well, I wouldn`t worry about how long (or short) she feeds. Some babies are really efficient. Does your breast feel fuller before and emptier after each feeding? If so she is probably doing a good job

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