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Thread: First time mom of twins

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    Default First time mom of twins

    I have been blessed with a girl and a boy.

    However, my daughter was in the NICU for almost a month due to her respiratory and heart complications apart from being a premature child.
    I delivered vaginally during my 36th week.

    I had concieved through IVF and obviously took a lot of medications for Ovulation induction (Bravelle, Menopur), the HCG shot, Estrogen supplement and Progestrone oil injections over a long period of time. Some of these for several months..

    I came home with my boy on the 3rd day of my delivery. From the beginning my milk secretion is very low. My son was given Formula at the hospital itself, since I did not have milk to express. However, the production increased slowly in about a week after I came home. While my son was still feeding on Formula, I was trying hard to get him latched on, but without much success.. So, I used to pump and give in a bottle to my son and even used to take to my daughter.. not much but typically everytime I pump I used to get about an ounce and a half and I used to pump every 4 hours.. It increased slowly to even 2 ounces..

    But then, after my daughter came home, she needed more care.. She could not brast feed, so she still needed pumped breast milk apart from her formula. And my son still did not latch on well.. I was overwhelmed with all the work I had to do. My husband became sick with Viral fever and could not help.. I was up and working at home as early as 2 weeks after my delivery... With all these I could not pump often. Slowly the milk production reduced.. Now my kids are 3 months old. I am unable to latch my son or even my daughter still.. However much I try, I am not able to pump more than an ounce (its often onl less than an ounce). I dont feel the engorgement any longer..

    Is there a way I can increase my milk supply so that I can give atleast 3 ounces per child of my breast milk?

    Thanks for your advice.


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    Default Re: First time mom of twins


    I see that Karen replied to your question on the breastfeeding multiples board. She's awesome and I hope she's able to help you.

    Let us know how you're doing and how we can continue to support you.


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