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Thread: warm it up?

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    Default warm it up?

    Do you warm up breastmilk before you mix it w/ rice cereal?

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    You could, I never did, but I never warm up baby food either. I might be wrong, but I think it's a personal preference thing.

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    It depends on your baby's preference. Mine hates cold stuff so I warm it until it comes to room temperature. Plus warming helps mixing up the milk fat that sticks on the side of the bottle/bag.

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    My DD is 8 mos. now and I warm up her veggies or dinners but if it's a fruit I won't , I'll leave it room temp. If it's some type of cereal with a fruit then I'll warm it up too. I also give her diluted apple juice and thats in the fridge so it's cold.
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    I do not. I also mix prune juice in the cereal when my LO is not going enough.
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