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Thread: Very Depressed about Latching Problems

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    Unhappy Very Depressed about Latching Problems

    My baby boy is now only 3 days old. I did not receive much assistance in the hospital regarding latching problems because he was very sleepy and not interested in eating at all. I was told this was normal during the first 24-48 hours but that was not comforting to me because I want to make sure my boy is not starving. He was finally able to latch (with the help of a consultant) a couple of hours before we came home.

    Now that we're on our own, I've gotten him to latch a couple of times but usually he just doesn't seem interested in eating at all. I don't know if it's because I'm doing it wrong or if he's just not very hungry yet. I don't know how to get him to open his mouth wide enough to get a good latch. His dad is quick to jump at the bottle and thinks I should pump so he at least gets the breastmilk (which has not even come in yet). All I can do is cry when I see him eating from a bottle - he doesn't eat much then either but it hurts to see a bottle giving him something he should be able to get from me. I was told that my "supply" thus far is very good. Please advise - I'm not ready to give up on him!!

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    First of all, congratulations on the birth of your baby!

    I had similar problems getting my daughter to latch on after her birth, so you are not alone. I also had to pump and give her milk in a bottle for about 2 and a half weeks. It is really hard work, and not what you dreamed of before the birth. But it sounds like you are doing really well so far to keep going with it.

    The pumping is important to keep your milk going if your LO is not nursing. I tried to keep in mind that the most important thing was that my LO was getting my milk - by whatever means.

    You could try to get your LO to latch on before giving him the bottle. Only try for around 5 minutes, otherwise you are both going to get frustrated. As he gets a bit stronger, he will probably find it easier to latch on. I would also urge you to get in touch with a breastfeeding consultant or an LLL leader for more advice about positions etc.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Very Depressed about Latching Problems

    congratulation on your baby...welcome to LLL, and breastfeeding

    I second PP...get in touch with an LC or LLL. They will be able to offer the best advice for your situation. The most important thing just now is to make sure you are getting your latch right.

    Here is a link about the basics of BF.

    my ds had jaundice and was very sleepy for about 5 days or so after the birth. I was advised to wake him to feed every two hours. My ds lost over the acceptable 10% bodyweight and took about 2 weeks or so to start to put weight on. I was never advised to supplement/give bottles. I felt cruel waking ds up...I had to strip him down to his nappy each time to make sure he woke up fully and stayed awake to feed. It does work though. By the time my milk came in on the forth day he was waking up by himself to feed. I set my alarm day and night for those first few days until I knew he was ready to feed on cue...about day 6 then I stopped using the alarm.

    Don't forget your LO has a tiny stomach just now


    They really can't take large quantities of food...which is why they need to feed regularly....almost constantly. Also, the more your baby latches on/feeds the more your breasts are stimulated to produce milk.

    Try to give your LO as much skin to skin as possible...look for the signs that he is hungry ....rooting for your breasts etc..here is a link.


    I totally understand your dh fear that your baby isn't getting enough. It is hard for him...and you..to trust that your body is doing it's job. My concern is that feeding from a bottle is so easy for babies....correct latching takes time to learn for both of you, uses more muscles and is generally harder work
    for the baby than having a bottle. Many health professionals advise not giving bottles/pacies at all during the first 6weeks as the baby may get nipple confusion and refuse/struggle to latch on to the breast.

    Here is a link about giving BF babies bottles


    Here are more links about BF...supply issues and pumping etc...it is a great resource site.

    good luck

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    Default Re: Very Depressed about Latching Problems

    It sounds like you have gotten some good advice. You could try calling your local LLL leader. http://www.lalecheleague.org/Webindex.html?m=0,0,2
    There help is free.
    I would definately be waking him every 4 hours and trying to get him to the breast. Try a cool wash cloth to wake him. I remember doing that with my first. It seems cruel but it's ok. Also you could try a diaper change to wake him. Try stimulating the letdown by tickling the sides of your breasts or squeezing a drop or two in his mouth so he gets some. That may help to make him desire it more.

    Best wishes. Stick with it and get some help in person. It will get better, promise!

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    Default Re: Very Depressed about Latching Problems

    Congrats on your newborn!

    You've received some really great advice here. I just wanted to chime in and say keep up the good work with breastfeeding. It really does get easier. For me it was after week 6. Meanwhile, .

    You are going thru a big upheaval hormonally, it's natural to feel overwhelmed and weepy. Get all the help you can for other things, while you rest, eat, sleep, and feed the baby.

    Oh, and one more thing, when my baby fell asleep during feeding, I'd rub his ears or his feet to help him stay awake. HTH.
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