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Thread: Which nipples for glass bottles?

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    We faithfully use flass bottles. We settled on the NUK silicone. all of the others either he refused or they were too flimsy. We never had nipple confusion. The reason I choose glass is because I grew up in an area with a really high rate of breast cancer. They are connecting it to plastic bottles and plastics used to reheat food. A lot of studies show that plastics break down after repeated heatings..I also found out in many of the studies that hot soapy water is not enough to break down plastics..better safe than sorry

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    Default Re: Which nipples for glass bottles?

    well im still alive and healthy and my mom always used plastic bottles, and ive always reheated food and such in plastic containers....

    as for glass bottles, where can I find bigger glass bottles ( like the 9 oz or 11 oz? ) all i can find are the tiny 4 oz ones!

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