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Thread: Question about Thrush

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    Default Question about Thrush

    I have a few questions about Thrush.

    Question 1: What causes Thrush?
    Question 2: What are the Symptoms for mom and baby?

    I am concerned that I may have Thrush. My LO has a white coating on his lips. My breasts are tender but I have been attributing it to being new to breastfeeding. My son is only 6 weeks old.

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    Default Re: Question about Thrush

    Try these:
    And this thread about using gentian violet for treatment:

    Simply, thrush is an overgrowth of stubborn yeast - much like athletes foot or vaginal yeast infections. In baby's mouth it makes a thick white (spotty) film on the tongue - much thicker than the normal white tongue from milk. In the breast the pain is burning and sharp. My breasts never hurt when I was nursing, for me it was always afterwards. I noticed my nipples were itchy before it spread to me breasts.

    There are lots of precautions to take so it doesn't return. If you do have thrush you need to boil all pump items, pacifiers ~20min. Also washing your breast pads, shirts, bras in hot water with vinegar added is recommended...

    With tender breasts, have you had a lactation specialist check out your nursing? Maybe latch/positioning problems are to blame?

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