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Thread: I Think I Have Become A Human Pacifier

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    Unhappy I Think I Have Become A Human Pacifier

    My little guy is just over a week old, and last night was the pits. He was on my breast almost every hour, and I didn't hear the deep suck/swallow that is usually accomplished during a good feeding during most of the feeding attempts last night. I tried stimulation by playing with his shoulders, arms, and feet, and did what I could to keep him awake while my husband slept next to me. I also didn't allow him more than 20 minutes at a time at the breast before he'd start rooting a few minutes later for more.

    I have read that it's okay to do what you can to make sure your newborn is comfortable and that what happens in the first three months of life won't necessarily become a habit (from "Baby 411") unless it extends beyond that milestone. How can I get my little guy to feed instead of pacify?

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    Your LO is SOOO young!!! BF is not just about feeding. DS nursed every hour for the first 6 wks of his life - a lot of that time was not just nursing for food, but for comfort. Life on the "outside" is a shock to most newborns and they want to be as close as possible. This is what's called the 4th trimester. I never believed this when I was told, but, You WILL miss this time. Cherish it. Set up a spot on the couch with everything you need (TV, DVDs, computer, books/mags, boppy, water, snacks, ect) and nurse, nurse, nurse (and catch some ZZZZZs when your LO does). IMO, is perfectly OK to be a human pacifier despite the opinions of some authors.

    Just my 2 cents.....

    Hang in there! Time goes so fast...

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    I too am a human binky. At first it was, well very time consuming and I wasn't sure that I liked being one. But after my 2 week old decided that she would take her little hands and HOLD ONTO me while she suckled, I melted. Her little hands are so sweet and the look on her face is priceless!

    It will get better!!!!

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    It seemed like that time was gonna last forever, but it really didn't. At about 3 months, dd discovered there was more to do than nurse. Nowadays, she's more of a "git 'er done so we can play" kind of gal.

    Relax, get a lot of books or movies, and enjoy this time. You're not creating a bad habit that's going to go on forever. You're meeting a need at the present time that won't be there in several months.

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    At one week old, your milk is still coming in. Your baby is stimulating your supply with all that comfort sucking. What takes some time now will pay off with a better supply later.

    So rent some movies, sit back and nurse!

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    Default Re: I Think I Have Become A Human Pacifier

    It really will get better. But it does suck ( pardon the pun ) in those early months, well it did for me. She had to nurse every 2 hours 24/7.
    But than one day she just stopped.
    I don't really remember how old she was maybe it was 3 or 4 months..
    But her and I had been out shopping when I noticed that she had gone 2 hours without nursing.
    I rushed home to feed her and she refused! I was totally shocked and I started to panic thinking that she didn't want to nurse anymore or she was ill.
    About an hour later she wanted to nurse again and she is now 9 month and nurses about 5 times a day.
    It will get better
    I look back at those days and think "How did I do it."
    But I did and I'm glad I did it and you will to!

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