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Thread: My baby won´t accept the bottle and I need to get back to work.

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    Red face My baby won´t accept the bottle and I need to get back to work.

    HI, moms, I hope you can help me. My BB is three months old. He has allergy to the protein in milk and secondary reflux. I am on a special diet and by now he only is breastfeeded.
    When he was 6 weeks he accepted the bottle for three days, but then after the circumcision he had a complication, so i gave him exclusive breast. By now he doesn´t accepts any brand of bottle with my own milk, although I wait untill he is hungry, he can cry loud for an hour and gets angry and then I finally give up and give him breast again. I really need to get back to work, can you help me? I am plannig to pump at work and continue to feed him with my milk.

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    Default Re: My baby won´t accept the bottle and I need to get back to work.

    When do you have to head back to work? Any chance you could work out arrangements to nurse him during the day (leave work)? I know the proposition seems like a bit much, but it is what I had to do when my maternity leave ended last December. My LO never took the bottle even with all the bottle switching, is he hungry? kind of trial runs. I let my boss know, and so I race home every day during lunch to feed him and then head back to work. There are certainly stresses to this plan- the travel, must nurse during a very specific window of time, etc.- but it has been a blessing to see my DS during the day. One of the positive things, of late, to develop, are his skills with a sippy cup. I think he could quite feasibly go the whole day without nursing now, but I'm so addicted to seeing him mid-day that I don't want to adjust our schedule. There are challenges to this plan (namely, some of my work productivity) but I like that I advocated for myself and my son and what we need for the time being. Plus, it's not forever I'm a teacher, so I know that post-summer I will likely have to relinquish this mid-day nursing, but I am glad I investigated my options for his early months without Mom during the day because I was in full-on panic prior to returning to work and this plan saved both baby and I tears (and hunger). Best of luck! Sending you good thoughts!

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    Default Re: My baby won´t accept the bottle and I need to get back to work.

    I have the same exact problem! If it's time to go back to work and my lo still hasn't accepted the bottle then she will have to use a cup. I already feel bad because I anticipate her crying and not feeling comforted being unable to nurse while I'm at work

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    Default Re: My baby won´t accept the bottle and I need to get back to work.

    It's going to be up to the care provider. Your baby may never take a bottle from you or even while you are in the house. Baby knows where the good stuff is by now. Who is going to care for your infant while you are gone? Have THEY tried feeding him? There is a "finger feeder" out there - I've never seen it. But if he will suck on a finger, maybe he'll suck on a finger feeder or a Suplimental Nursing System hooked up to a finger. Otherwise it's spoons, medicine droppers, tiny cups.

    My baby refused bottles too, but I was fortunate enough to be able to throw out the idea of working at that point. (Could you bring your baby to work or work at home for part of the day?) But I do feel that if she had been separated from me long enough, she would have accepted a bottle from a very patient and experienced care provider. The best way to feed a baby who doesn't prefer bottles, in my experience, is NOT cuddled up. I have had success laying babies in my lap or a bouncy seat so that I can be face to face with them, and also walking around facing baby away from me.. and with older babies, feeding them while they were crawling. I know this is not the ideal way to feed a baby, but if they are getting nursed at home, then I figured just keeping them hydrated was enough for feeding time and cuddles would come at different times. Cuddling and bm sometimes just makes them want mommy.

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