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Thread: Supply issues HELP!

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    Hi ladies I posted this on another site and someone gave me this website for some help here is my post: I appreciate ANY help

    Hi ladies...I am fairly new here my name is Talitha I am a momma to five with my new babe born 2-6-07 I need some help regarding supply issues Okay so here is my situation I am a full time RN nursing student about to graduate from the nursing program I had Layla in Feb and started BF her from the get go I had to return to school only 8 days after I had her (no sympathy from anyone at school) so I suck it up and just do it! I had a Medela pump in style and was pumping 5 oz every 3 hours which was working great becuase clinicals were only 5 hour days at first now they are 9 hour clinical days and some days I wasn't able to pump for 5-6 hours my pump started to quit so I went and bought a 300.00 Advanced pump in style thinking it would help but it isn't I am only pumping 3 oz every 4 hours now and she is getting frustrtaed when I try and nurse her because it is not satisfying her I have given her three bottles of formula ( I know this will start the end of BF) but what the heck can I do she is hungry after feeding on me and wants more and cries for food and I can't stand it! I am totally devestated and want nothing more than to BF her I have BF all my children my last for 15 months but I was a SAHM at the time I only have 6 more weeks of school and I am done if I can get through that time period w/o loosing my milk I will be fine I need someway to boost my supply anyone have suggestions?

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    There's no reason to think that supplementing will be the end of bfing, get that thought out of your head. I have had to supplement all my kids and still bf till 1. You do have to make sure you are still trying to bf and pumping and then using formula as a last resort though, it's hard. I would first rent a hospital grade pump and during the day do what you can. You may just have to survive for the next 6 wks as best you can and then worry more about regaining supply after that. I would pump as often as you can while at clinicals and then pump anytime at home for 10 mins after baby has nursed, even in the middle of the night if baby will allow it and first thing in the morning before leaving. Use any bm you get then for supplementing during the day or if you need it at night. Use formula if baby is hungry and will not nurse. There are also things like fenugreek and blessed thistle, but they probably won't do much if you don't get a chance to effectively empty your breasts.
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    i am in the middle of a similar situation. what a bummer! i have the past few days been able to increase my supply with frequent pumping. i also started fenugreek, real oatmeal every morning with milk, and TONS and TONS of water. i fill up a minimum of 2 nalgene bottles (32 oz each) and drink those plus water with meals, snacks, whatever. i am sure you are also tired. REST REST REST. also, rent a hospital grade pump... i got so much milk when i used one, it was amazing. one thing i think helped me was to realize i am doing too much. i started to relax and sit more often, my milk is increasing. good luck with school! you can do this! you are supermom!

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