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Thread: When is it time?

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    Question When is it time?

    My Son is 15 weeks old... I love breast feeding and I know that in a couple months that it will be time to start but when is it time to start introducing solids?

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    We were advised that babies should not start solids before 6mo. They should also be able to sit unassisted, have lost the tongue thrust reflex and..... be interested

    here is a LLL information page about when to start solids

    here is another site with useful info about solids and BF

    some of the ladies on this forum are allowing their babies to decide when they are ready.....baby led. I don't know much about it, so hopfully one of them will be along to give you info


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    I agree. I think it depends on the individual baby. I have twins, one was ready at 6 months and my other one didn't want anything to do with solids. Finally, around 7 months, he was ready.
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    You may want to have a look at "baby-led weaning". Basically you'd wait for signs from your lo to start giving him solids.
    My lo took a banana from my hand and put it in his mouth at 5.5 months. From that day I started to offer some banana everyday and he would just play with it and sometimes probably eat some. Then slowly I introduced other fruits, veggies and now, at 10 months, he eats everything. He never had baby cereal and I only give him baby food (jars) when I'm out an there's no option. Otherwise he eats more or less what we eat.
    You may want to check the forum for more things on baby-led.
    Good luck.

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