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Thread: Co-Sleeping

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    Default Co-Sleeping

    I have been getting a lot of slack from people about co-sleeping. We have a 10 week old and he sleeps with us and i LOVE it! I am able to get more sleep this way and it is just such a wondeful feeling. A lot of people have been telling me I am going to have all these problems when we want him to sleep in his crib (he hates the crib, won't even nap in it) and that we need to start putting him in it now.

    I haven't decided when I want to stop this co-sleeping but I don't think I would mind even if he was older. I still remember the comfort I felt sleeping and snuggling with my mother at a young age and I know that is one of the reasons we are still so close, and snuggly too!

    Does anyone have any opinions or advice on this topic? I usually just nod and smile when people tell me about the issues I will have and have no good rebuttal for them to ponder.

    Thanks as always!

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    I would just say that it is none of their business. I was wondering why DD wasn't wanting to sleep in her own bed. She is 3.5 years. Others told me that she probably feels that she shouldn't have to sleep alone, especially if other people are sleeping together. That makes perfect sense to me! She is afraid of the dark besides, and I encourage the bonding that DDs have when they sleep together. I will just watch them, and DD1 will put her arms around her sister while they are sleeping. So cute!

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    well how do they know you are going to have issues? Have they co slept and those issues come up or is it just because they are making a wild jump and just guessing?

    I would probably just nod and say okay whatever or if it was a close person that I cared about I would educate them on the benefits of co sleeping.

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    I can't imagine how exhausted I'd be if we didnt' cosleep. If you let those people know it's working for you how can they argue with that.

    Laura, proud vbacing, ecological breastfeeding mommy to four ages 8, 6, 5, and 2. That's Kate nursing her doll, Adam.

    The Seven Standards of ecological breastfeeding: (1) exclusive breasfeeding for the first 6 months (2) pacify baby at your breast (3) don't use bottles and pacifiers (4) co-sleep for night feedings (5) take a nursing nap (6) nurse frequently day and night; avoiding schedules (7) avoid practices that restrict nursing or separates you from your baby. The average return of menstruation for ecological breastfeeding mothers is between 14 and 15 months.

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    Co-sleeping has never worked for us, none of us get any sleep. But if it works for your family, ignore the criticism as best you can.

    I always like to use this one for unsolicited advice, with a really nice smile and in a beautiful, sweet tone, "oh, I'm sorry...I wasn't asking for advice, our situation works really well for us." Or something along those lines.

    It's a nice way of saying, "shove it up your _____."

    Why do people feel the need to get all up in your business???? I hate that.
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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    We are a cosleeping family and can not imagine life otherwise! I feel sorry when I hear moms getting up a bazilian times a night to go into another room to care for their babies. It is sooooo easy to just roll over and nurse your LO as soon as they need you and now I kind of do it in my half awake sleep

    I agree with PP it is none of their business. If it works for you and your family, and you are happy, then go for it!

    I was kicked out of my mom and dads bed when I was about 3 or 4 I think? And I remember having these night terrors. I would run to my mom and dads bed, if they kicked me out, I would wait and crawl into the room quietly and sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed using the excess covers on the floor because I just wanted to be near them and feel safe My DH and I will not do that to our children. I know cosleeping isn't for everyone, but it works for our family.

    Here is some info from Dr.Sears that can help.

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    I could not have "survived" the early months if I did not co-sleep with my children. Not only was it peace of mind when my son's were infants, but they also slept better than if I had them in a cradle or crib. I am currently co-sleeping again with my newborn daughter as I did with my 14 y.o., and 11 y.o. My children are happy, well adjusted, and very secure with theirselves as well as our relationship(s) with one another and other's in general. They outgrew sneaking in the room for comfort later in their childhood. But it was kind of nice to have that every now and again....to still be wanted/needed by them.
    The best advice I ever received was...."enjoy this moment, you will never get it back, make the most of it however you want" and as pp's mentioned before...don't let others dictate to you how to parent your children, they are yours
    I am not offering much on this other than my opinion I know, but I am certain you will make the right choice for you and your family.

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    I do not even tell people anymore that we cosleep,or that he nurses at night....they say oh does he sleep all night, I say Yes! In al; reality he does because when he starts fussing at 3 in the morning, I nurse him before he even wakes up really...kwim?
    If I tell people that he does wake up once, then I have to reassure them that I do not mind, and I have to explain why I don't mind that he wakes up once....then I hear "oh, well won't you smother him, because I just went to a funeral for a 3 month old who was smothered by its dad in an adult bed.."

    So, I don't tell people anymore...I know it doesn't help get the word out that it is natural to sleep with your lo, but I am sick of being criticized for it.
    But, in my defense, I do BF in public at least once per day, so I feel that I am spreading the word about that

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    DD born at Home on May 10th 2008 @ 8 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    When people would come over and ask "how are you feeling?" or "aren't you exhausted?" I would always reply "no! I feel great! I roll over, feed him and fall back asleep-it's great!"

    and then, if necessary, "how well did you sleep last night?" and if they didn't sleep well...."too bad I can't share some of these breastfeeding hormones with you-prolactin and oxytocin are fantastic. I feel so rested!"

    that pretty much shut them up.

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    Default Re: Co-Sleeping

    Honestly I wasnt into the cosleeping when I first brought Gabe home. But then I remembered in the hospital he cried and cried and cried when they put him in the mini bassinet so I spent my hospital time holding him all night. Then when I got home - he HATED the bassinet. two weeks of hellish nights before I finally was so exhausted he slept in my arms. Now he is almost 5 weeks old and we are a cosleeping family. granted I usually sleep on the pull out sofa since my hubby needs his sleep for his job - but I have finaly gotten the hang of feeding him half asleep. In fact he RARELY cries at night (just when we change his diaper) because I can offer him the nipple when he starts making the sounds he makes right before he wakes up. I honestly get more sleep this way.

    It works for some people and doesnt work for others. It is all about what works for YOUR family. I know any other children I might have will be cosleeping. Just not when Dad has been drinking or popped a sleeping a pill.

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