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Thread: green poops happy baby?

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    Default green poops happy baby?


    I'm having trouble figuring out what to do about consistantly green poopy diapers. My baby seems happy and not overly gassy, but her poops are green, sometimes seedy, sometimes mucusy.

    She eats every 3 hours during the day, and I don't switch sides. However, the side she doesn't feed on is very full by the next feeding.

    Should I try block feeding? I'm a bit scared to try, because I had under supply issues a few weeks ago after a bout of mastitis.

    If the green poops don't seem to be bothering her, should I just keep doing what I'm doing? They are a light limey green, not dark green.

    Sigh...it's so hard to know what to do!

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    Default Re: green poops happy baby?

    I wouldn't worry too much if your baby is happy!

    Poop comes in many colors. Some links from www.kellymom.com

    Oversupply is not the only cause of green poop. What about food allergies, viruses, food additives in mom's diet can also be the source.

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    Default Re: green poops happy baby?

    Will, had green all the time and was a huge, fat, happy baby. I just have alot of milk, and he has trouble getting to the bottom of the fountain.
    Though I should add that I did remove dairy from my diet and it eleviated the green quite a bit. Have you checked the allergy forum just to be sure?

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