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Thread: Blockfeeders, how do you keep track?

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    Default Blockfeeders, how do you keep track?

    How do you keep track of what side you left off of and what time intervals? I started using a hairband on my wrist but I have a hard time remembering what time I can switch over.

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    Default Re: Blockfeeders, how do you keep track?

    Your breasts will usually remind you when it's time to switch if you don't care to watch the clock.

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    Default Re: Blockfeeders, how do you keep track?

    As LLLTiana said, I usually switch when one side is very empty and the other side is very full. I also tend to stay on my right side for more feedings because I want my (very slow) left side to get the picture... enough milk already! I also express a few drops of milk when DD is done feeding to see how thick the milk is. If it looks like skim milk I figure she needs to stay on that side longer to get some more of the fat. If it looks like cream then I feel good that she got to the "cheesecake" and will usually switch sides for the next feed.

    If I can't remember which side I am on and I can't tell from feeling my breasts then I figure that it probably doesn't make much of a difference which side I choose! (And I go for the right side so as not to get my over-active left side more excited.)

    (Go CUBS!)

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