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Thread: Supply dropped after LO's illness

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    Default Supply dropped after LO's illness

    Hi all, my LO was sick with bronchiolitis for about 10 days last week. He was not nursing well at all, hardly ate all day for all 10 days. I stayed home from work with him to try to get him to nurse as much as possible, and I left my pump at work so I did not express when he skipped his feeds.

    When I came back to work I was surprised to find my supply (pumped at work) was the same as before. But after a couple of days, the supply has suddenly diminished! I'm now only getting half of what I used to previously.

    My question is, is it normal to have such a lag in the reduction of supply (ie. why did supply remain constant after 10+2 days of minimal feeding, then suddenly drop)? or is something else happening? will my supply go back up normally? or do I need to do something (pump more often?) in order to restore it?

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    It is pretty normal to experience a dip in your supply when either you or your baby gets sick, your get your period back, you use certain types of hormone birth controls or you get really stressed. It sounds like it will only be a temporary thing for you because you already had your supply pretty strongly established. If you can increase the amount you pump a little you will probably see it come back quicker. Another way would be to allow your baby to fall asleep on the boob, and don't remove it (get a book ) that way you really drain the breast all the way. The emptier you get them, the stronger the signal to produce more milk. hth

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