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Thread: sex with my husband

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan's Mommy View Post
    Does anyone have the opposite problem?! Honestly, after 8 weeks I haven't had much of a desire to have intercourse yet, because I'm scared of the discomfort I might experience (Vaginal delivery and episiotomy.) However, I've been acting like I want to only because my DH has not even come close to trying!! After reading these posts it just confirmed that this is NOT normal! What's wrong here? I mean he was in the delivery room of course and he saw EVERYTHING, but I consider myself an attractive person and have quickly lost a lot of pregnancy weight. What's goin' on!
    yes, it's totally normal! He's probably very tired too. We went through the delivery and everything but men are there too. It's a very exciting time but also it's a lot of work and if your DH is helpful around the house and goes to work and when he comes home plays with your LO, then he's probably very, very tired. I would talk to him about it.

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    Our LO is 13 weeks and we are getting our groove back. I was not sure that my DH wanted sex (ha- what man doesn't?..he just wasn't making any passes) and then one night I made strawberry shortcake and whipped up some heavy whipping cream and I made some flirty comment about it.... and dontcha know he was all over me like white on rice...it took one comment and now I am actually the one who is initiating. And that is a huge change from when I was pregnant.

    Remember there are other ways to be intimate besides intercourse. I love, love, love being a mom, but I missed romping with my DH too. Now I have the best of both worlds. I agree with the fake it til you make it attitude. I notice that my DH is much more helpful and present when his physical needs are being met. And nothing makes me happier than watching him with our son. HOT!

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