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Thread: lack of suction

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    Question lack of suction

    My little guy is 2 months old (he is my fourth child). It seems today, that his latch isn't very good......lack of suction......and tonight my breast do feel a bit full.

    I have had nursing struggles with all of my babies......so I might be over reacting....

    But I am just wondering if there is any thoughts to why his latch might be weak right now??

    Thanks. Laurie

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    Default Re: lack of suction

    Is there a reason you think he isn't getting enough milk besides your breasts feeling full and a "weak suck"? How many wet diapers are you seeing in 24 hours?

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    Default Re: lack of suction

    When you say lack of suction, do you mean that he isn't hanging on to the breast? Is he actually letting go, or does the latch just seem weak?

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