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Thread: making rice cereal at home

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    Default making rice cereal at home

    Is there a way to make cereals such as rice and oatmeal at home for a baby beginning solids? I've been using the gerber but want to try my hand at making it instead. I like the ease of the dry cereals that is easily mixed with milk for a quick meal.


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    Smile Re: making rice cereal at home

    I've read that you should grind the rice in a blender (or something like it) to a powder, then cook it when you want it, to a consistency of your choice. That seems like a lot of work to me. I've been puree'ing rice from our dinner (brown rice) when there's leftover, and freezing. I don't see what could be wrong with that (we don't add salt or anything). I don't know how to add the iron you get in comercial cereals though. That would be better.

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    Default Re: making rice cereal at home

    I've made what little cereal my ds has eaten. I did find that a blender made a much finer grind than my food processor- so I'd recommend that.

    The recipe I had came from here- http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/

    But here's what I did. I ground up 1/4 cup of organic brown rice. Then I cooked 1 tablespoon in 1/4 a cup of water. I brought the water to a boil then sprinkled in the ground rice ( or barley/oatmeal). I turned it down to a simmer and let it simmer slowly stirring often with a whisk for 10 minutes. I found that I had to keep adding water to it, but I added very small amounts at a time. Once it finished cooking it was pretty much the same consistency you'd get with boxed cereal. I cooked it pretty thick and then added breastmilk to thin it down.

    My pediatrician was a little concerned that he wouldn't be getting the iron that he needs if I made his cereal. She was thrilled that I was making his food, but said he really needs the iron that comes in the prepared cereal. She suggested that I get the iron vitamin drops and just add a drop or two to the cereal before I fed it to him. We haven't done that simply because his GI doctor took him off all cereal for right now, so he just hasn't had any more cereal.

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    Default Re: making rice cereal at home

    Molly is on a prescription vitamin with flouride. I will have to check the iron content and talk to my pediatrician. I guess I'd like to limit her boxed/processed foods as much as possible. Even making it occasionally would help limit that. Thanks!

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    Default Re: making rice cereal at home

    how old is baby?
    Your breastmilk has beter absorable iron then the cereal anyways...

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    Default Re: making rice cereal at home

    I bought organic brown rice and ground it in a new coffee grinder...it is quick, small, and makes a fine powder. Then you can cook to the consistency you want. She didn't love it...but she didn't love the box either.

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    Default Re: making rice cereal at home

    Since my LO's level of iron was lower than wats supposed to be, I bought organic hulled oats, made it like a powder and then cooked it in some water..since its not processed n what not its rich with Iron. My Ped said to me that he knows I prefer to make up for his lack of iron with natural stuff instead of iron drops so he didnt prescribe any.

    To make my LO's oatmeal even richer with Iron and Vitamin C (without Vitamin C the body absorbs ONLY 4% of the Iron present in BM and in other foods), I added Apricots, I owe it to Evin, and thats how I made my LO oatmeal Iron fortified...

    Here is Nutrients in 100 Grams of Oats
    Nutrient Measure Oats

    Food energy KCal: 389
    Total lipids Gms: 6.9
    Vitamin E Mg: 1.09
    Thiamin Mg: 0.763
    Riboflavin Mg: 0.139
    Folacin Mcg: 56
    Potassium Mg: 429
    Calcium Mg: 54
    Phosphorus Mg: 523
    Magnesium Mg: 177
    Iron Mg: 4.72
    Zinc Mg: 3.97
    Pantothenic acid Mg: 1.349
    Copper Mg: 0.626
    Manganese Mg: 4.916


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