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Thread: A bunch of random questions . . .

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    Question A bunch of random questions . . .

    Hello, I have a bunch of unrelated questions that I have not been able to find answers to . . .and was hoping that everyone could chip in their 2 cents!

    1) I know honey is a no-no until 1 years old, but is it okay if it is cooked into something (ie. does the cooking kill the botulism spores?). The reason I ask is a lot of whole wheat bread products list honey in their ingredients. Also is it just honey, or are corn syrup and molasses also a concern?

    2) I know that you need to be careful about adding salt, but are there any references as to how much sodium/day is okay? I don't plan to add salt to foods, but don't know exactly how careful to be with pre-made foods.

    3) I read somewhere that you need to avoid soft cheeses (brie, feta, goat cheese, etc.) until they are over a year . . .is this because of the listeria concern like when we were p.g.? If so, then is it okay to give them if they are pasturized? We eat a lot of goat cheese (pasturized) in our house, and I think she would love it on toast . . .

    4) I get mixed info on fish, is it only shellfish that needs to wait until after a year (I should mention that my brother is allergic to fish, but neither myself or DH are)? And when can they have sushi (I think I saw after a year somewhere, but can't find it again . . .)

    5) Has anyone tried the Gerber freeze dried fruits with their DO? My DD is 9 months and I am looking for snacks to leave at daycare other than cheerio's, etc. and I saw these at the store but they had many warnings on the package that they were only for >12months/toddlers that were practiced at feeding themselves. Well, DD is not 12 months but we have done mostly BLW and she is very good at feeding herself, but I don't want to give her a choking hazard!

    I may think of some more (and if anyone else has some random questions to throw in, feel free!) . . . .thanks for any help!!


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    The only one I can answer is about the Gerber freeze dried fruits...We've only had the organic ones. They are very soft and will pretty much melt with enough saliva. I don't think they would be a choking hazard (my DD was in desperate need of a snack one day while we were shopping, so I bought these...she ended up shoving handfuls in her mouth , fortunately with no ill results ). HTH!!
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    umm...I don't know much about shellfish. I am allergic to shrimp. I don't know if that extends to any other seafood, I am too afraid to find out. I just figured that if DDs are going to be eating seafood, I will make sure that we are close to a hospital just in case.
    sorry I wasn't more help!

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