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Thread: how do you know that block feeding is working?

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    Default how do you know that block feeding is working?

    I've been block feeding (4 hrs) for 4 days now due to oversupply (always feeling full) & OALD, but no green poop. How do I know it's working?

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    Default Re: how do you know that block feeding is working?

    You should notice a gradual decrease in fullness. Here's some info:

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    Default Re: how do you know that block feeding is working?

    I started block feeding last week (3-4 hours) because dd was becoming very fussy when put to the breast, especially the right side as that breast is usually more full. She got to the point where she wouldn't settle down until I took her to nurse lying down (which I've now read is an easier position for babies to nurse in when dealing with OALD). She would gag, choke, cough, and vomit large quantities everyday, and she was VERY gassy...lots of harsh burping and explosive, watery poops. I think a lot of the problem was that dd was not able to empty the first breast before I would switch her to the other breast, so she was getting way too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. So I've been block feeding her for a week now, and these symptoms are going away! We've had a few days so far where she has not spontaneously puked all over herself, me, and anything within reach...including the dog! Her poops have more consistency, her burps are not so harsh, and she is much less fussy. So I would say that if the symptoms and reactions you're seeing in your baby are subsiding, and of course if your breasts are becoming less and less engorged/full, then the block feeding is working! Keep it up!

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