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    I would like to start pumping to build up some extra bottles in the freezer. I just got my milk supply under control-- I have been nursing for 5 weeks and had way too much milk to start with. I am concerned that pumping will increase my supply again.

    My 5 week old nurses from one side every three hours for 15 min. what is the best way for me to pump? Just do the other side? Is there a time of day that would be best? How many times a day could I do it without worrying too much about getting too much milk?

    Ok...sorry one more question. I have a lot of milk and don't want to pump all of it out...to increase supply. About how much should I pump to offer my baby? 4 oz? Can I stop before the breast is empty?

    I have already been offering my baby a bottle and she takes it fine.

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    How much does she take in the bottle? I would say that's the amount you need to pump. that should not increase your supply if you're not emptying the breast to do so. I had oversupply and OALD in the beginning (still do sometimes) but when I pump, I pump only the amount that I know dd will take for each feeding. About 5-6 ounces a bottle.

    Good luck.

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