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Thread: 11 months and BF more than ever

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    Default 11 months and BF more than ever

    My guy is 11 months now and instead of BF less frequently he is just more and more demanding. Also, he still BF 4 or 5 times a night. We co-sleep but I have been recently putting him in his crib for the first few hours of the night. After that it is to hard to get him into his bed because he wakes up very often to BF. I find myself wishing he took a pacifier. I know he isn't really hungery, he goes back to sleep almost immediately and lets go.

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    Is he teething? Has he always nursed 4-5 times at night or is it a recent increase? We started co-sleeping around 7 months b/c DS was nursing so often and it was hard to get him back in his own bed. (He does sleep on his own for the first few hours, though.) Around a year he was probably nursing 3-4 times or more a night. Right now at 15 months, without us doing anything, he's down to a couple of times. Last night it was only once. If you can, you might just want to try to ride it out.

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    we went rhru the same thing when my son was about 9 months, he had been only waking once or twice and suddenly was waking 5 or 6 times a night. Turns out he had been teething and once it passed he settled back down again. We're now going through it again at 16 months and everyone uses this opportunity to tell us that "he must me telling you that's he's ready for his own bed now!" <rolls eyes> Best I can say it stick it out for a little while cause it's worth it!

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    I noticed the same thing around the same time, and I have to echo the previous posters about how LO's interest in nursing comes and goes. My DS is 19 months now and over the weekend he was nursing like a newborn. Well, as often as a newborn but not quite like a newborn since nursing was interspersed with wrestling and reading books!

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