This question is for my sil who is in another country and doesn't have a computer or LLL there. I soo wish I could be there for her!

Anyway, apparently a Dr. told her to give her newborn a bottle of water by boiling it with an apple for jaundice! I guess there is a med that he gave her to give the baby to cure the jaundice...sounds crazy to me but I am not a Dr. I know that my twins had jaundice for a long time (4-6 wks) and my Dr. had no cure just BF them lots and that's what I did.

Now that her baby is about 4 or 5 wks. he is not taking her nipple because for some reason she thought that she wasn't making milk and the Dr. told her to give him bottle (there are no pumps where she is). One at night and during the day one. NO SURPRISE her infant is not taking her nipple.

Do you think she could be losing her supply this early? And what is the best way to get him to bf ONLY. I told her to LOSE the bottles and only bf and that he will get hungry enough and do it! I hope I wasn't wrong, but my feeling is that he will get hungry enough and take her breast.

She is for some reason thinking that she doesn't have milk for him....but I don't really believe that to be true. I just think this is her first baby and she doesn't know any better. Maybe she is trying to express it and not getting enough that way. I didn't really ask her why she thinks there is no milk.

Any response is soo appreciated!